E-liquids are delicate products which require the same degree of attention as pharmaceutical goods. They are also a product of pleasure designed to stimulate our senses in the same way food does via its appearance and taste. Flavour is what gives you the satisfaction when you consume food, however the enjoyment starts when you first see the product.

There is a whole science behind the interpretation of the sensations that humans can detect when eating. This science behind the senses is what requires specialist knowledge and we used that knowledge to design our range. We will continuously monitor market and customer trends in order to come out with innovative flavours that meet customers requirements at that particular moment.

These flavour trends are like fashion. Just like in fashion some clothing will be popular one year and then old news the next. The same rule applies to flavour.


In the food industry, aroma molecules are used to re-create the taste of nature.

Molecules used to make flavours for the food or pharmaceutical market have undergone for decades deep studies regarding their safety, including effects on the environment and humans after short and long term exposure.

This area is fully controlled and needs to comply with strict rules. The flavour regulation is in permanent change and is updated every year. Constant meetings and researches are performed using new technologies. Each molecule highlighted as ‘potentially hazardous’ is forbidden for use in flavour formulation. Aroma molecules are present in food we consume daily. The safety barrier is how you use them and at what level, the key is to be able to control this. The substances which have a serious effect on health, the environment or are allergenic are limited in use and need to be listed with accurate percentage which relate to the transparency we want to provide.

Many manufacturers in the e-liquid industry don’t consider well enough the flavouring safety aspect. However at Fire Fog it has always been a serious consideration for us. This is not a requirement of the TPD as such, however we aim to work to our own standard as well as the TPD and we are confident that our aroma molecules used in our flavourings are not considered as ‘potentially harmful’ when used in e-liquids.