Firefog® is a premium brand of e-liquids produced by Kleargrade Ltd, a privately owned British e-liquid manufacturer based in the North West of England.

Our focus is to make products that taste great and set a new standard in manufacturing procedure and regulatory conformity.

Our team of chemists are specialised in the pharmaceutical, food and flavour industries. Between them they have over 15 years experience including employment in major international companies specialising in the industries listed above.

Developing our flavours has taken years and they been tested by many vapers, before being added to our product range. The end result is a product which genuinely is a ‘labour of love’.

The e-liquids are also produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility in order to be  compliant with the up coming TPD. We chose to handle the whole process from sourcing and blending the ingredients, to packaging them and also carrying out analysis (at our in-house analytical laboratory) so that we could be 100% sure of everything that goes into our product.

We are here to remove the headache of complying with TPD and to offer you products that are a cut above the rest both in terms of quality and flavour.

It’s this attention to detail, passion for what we do, and a desire to do everything that little bit better which makes FireFog® ‘the’ premium e-liquid.